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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Teaser Tuesday~ FLY HOUSE TEASER #1

Didn't I tell you I named a character Phuck??  You thought I was kidding, right?
I was so not kidding.  I hope you'll enjoy him!
I am excited that you guys are excited for THE FLY HOUSE!  I appreciate every email and PM asking for excerpts and I'm so happy to bring you this one.  If you don't know what The Fly House is all about, you can read the back cover blurb HERE.
I hope you'll enjoy the story~

Teaser #1 

Phuck’s belly region did that oddly pleasurable jump as he watched Karma from a distance, hanging wet clothes on a line between two Buntle trees, but he groaned the moment he caught sight of her escort.  It was the old woman, Breathe.  Phuck had better chances in approaching Karma if she had anyone else in the world with her.  Even Diem.  Even Diem with an entire hoarde of ravenous dragons.
Phuck had watched Breathe bludgeon a man, one of their very own guests, during a party sponsored by her own House.  During a dance, the man had only tried to drift a finger over the flesh hills that lie beneath Karma’s neck.  Breathe had eradicated the offender from the dance floor with nothing but the heavy cook spoon that Phuck had given her only the day before.  Phuck considered approaching anyhow, but then he noticed that same cook spoon protruding from the basket of clothing—never far enough from Breathe’s reach to be of comfort to him.
The pleasurable jump in his belly region became an itch that he couldn’t relieve.  He hunched down among the Buntle trees, his entire countenance sagging, although the expression was mostly hidden by the dark blur in the center of his face.  But whether his features could be seen or not, Phuck felt every twinge that raced across them.  If it weren’t for Breathe, he knew that one moment alone with Karma was all he needed to make her fall in love with him. 
He was Plutian, after all.
But the pride in that thought faded as he watched the beautiful girl dip into the basket again.  And he watched her shrewd escort scan the tree line as he pushed deeper into the shadows.  His shoulders sank.
He was Plutian, after all.


  1. wow...Phuck! LOL Looking forward to reading more and more about your world full of dragons!

  2. There are dragons and aliens and OH MYs! Hope you'll love it!

  3. OMG my favorites, aliens and dragons! If there is a magical romance we have sheer perfection!

  4. Aliens and Dragons, my favorites!!! Now if there is a magical, mystical , paranormal romance I will be in heaven! Being I study UFO's and love the mystery of dragons I know this will be a winner!

  5. I don't know if I write the typical dragon or alien, but I still hope you'll love it, Nicole. :D

  6. Shut. Up. SHUT UP!!! I'm so excited!!!