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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The Dimension Thieves Book Trailer

So crazy excited.
It's here.
The book trailer for The Dimension Thieves.
I can hardly breathe.  I hope you can when you're done.
It's going to be a wild ride...

Monday, May 4, 2015

Doesn't Quite Make Sense?

Yesterday, I posted the new photo teaser for Episode 5- coming at you at the very end of this month.  Someone wrote me and asked if I meant it to read that way.  She thought it didn't make sense.

If you've already finished Episode 4 of the Thieves, you know what this means.
But if you haven't...what does it mean to you?    I'd love to hear your thoughts  <3 p="">

Monday, April 27, 2015


I'm audio.  I'm tactile.  I'm visual.

Don't know about you guys, but I also love a little intrigue.  If you do too--let's be friends.  And let me intrigue you.  Hey, I know!! Let's play on Pinterest!

For each of my books, I have a Pinterest board that gives visual clues.  Some fans enjoy keeping up with the newest pics and trying to figure out what is coming next; some just enjoy browsing the boards and connecting the pictures there with the story they've read.  You'll find a little bit of everything, from quotes and character photos to scene ideas, hints and clues.  I usually add pics while I'm writing scenes, so they give interested readers more insights and clues of what they can look forward to in future chapters or sequels.

But I have to warn you, many pics are not concrete representations.  If I post a pic of a unicorn, it might mean something abstract to me--maybe that a character has a utopian attitude or innocence about them, or that we're entering a magical place, or that horses don't have horns, dang it!  Fans tell me it is fun for them to try to figure out the clues in the pics I post, some just like looking at the cool pics on Pinterest!

So, today, that's what I have for you.  One of the cool Pinterest clues for the fourth episode of the Dimension Thieves, coming at you on April 30- this Thursday.  Click HERE to be magically transported to the Pinterest Board if you'd like to be further intrigued!


Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Dimension Thieves Tunes

The solid beat of Jungle from X Ambassadors, Jamie N Commons caught my attention on TV- it was used in a commercial for The Walking Dead, but I caught a bit of the tune and had to find it and listen to the whole thing.


That beat at the beginning- that's Dimension Thieves all the way.  Slammed, pounded-- the ship, the crew, the dimensions they discover...the hard-hitting beat matches the way I think of the whole adventure.  The crew of the Karolina Nine are in for it.  That's why this was the first song I chose for the playlist.  

 If you want more of the DT playlist, 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Vloggity Reading from Episode 3 of THE DIMENSION THIEVES

Please be sure you are up to your reading of The Dimension Thieves before watching!
Episode 3 reading; Chane Benedict & Force discuss a problem of the female persuasion. 

Monday, April 6, 2015

Dimension Thieves Episode #3 - Character Interview with Calerbius Brown

This week, we have the author’s pick for an interview.  I’ve chosen Calerbius Brown, the cantankerous mechanic with a social chip on his shoulder.  I hope you enjoy getting to know him a little better!

Misty:  How are you Calerbius?  It’s good to have you here for a chat.
Calerbius:  I don’t want to be here.  I got things to do.
Misty:  I’ll try to make it quick, alright?
Calerbius:  Can you make it over? 
Misty (laughs):  No, I’m sorry, I can’t do that.  People are dying to find out a little more about the man who is Calerbius Brown...good guy or villian?  We're dying to know!
Calerbius: (harumphs)  (scratches his butt)
Misty:   I see you're not up for a soul-searching interview.  How about we just play a short round of This or That?
Calerbius:  How about we just end this and let me get on to all that.
Misty:  (sighs)  Ok, Calerbius, first question.  Would you rather be a mechanic or a cook?
Calerbius:  (screws up face)  What kinda question is that?  I don’t wanna be neither.  I shoulda been president, that’s what I'd rather.  And if I was, it'd be a law that people can’t do none of these useless interviews…
Misty: (tries to hold polite smile)  Alright, you'd rather be president.  How about this one:  Would you rather live on Antythera or choose another dimension?
Calerbius:  What business is it of yers?  What are you doin, anyway?  Writin’ a book?
Misty: (straight face)  Listen,  Calerbius, I’m the author here and we're supposed to do a character interview.  If you’re going to be uncooperative, I’m going to have to edit your answers.
Calerbius:  You’d like that wouldn’t ya?  All you people—Level A’s and authors and snot nose captains…alla you think you’re so high and mighty—
Calerbius:  You this loud all the time? 
Misty: (throws up hands)  I give up.  Calerbius Brown, everybody…

Calerbius: (nods with an extended lip)  Donchya forget it, neither.

To find out why Calerbius is such a cantankerous old fart, 
grab Episode One of the Dimension Thieves and come along on the adventure:

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Sunday, April 5, 2015


SPOILER ALERT!  If you haven’t read The Dimension Thieves, Episode 3 yet, this will certainly spoil your fun. NO PEEKING.  The only way to remedy this is for you to get yourself quickly over to an ebook store, snatch up the first three episodes and read like the wind.  Don’t you come back here until you’re through.  Then, and only then, come on back and read what went wrong in one of the fan fave scenes!

Scene: Katuna Baro to show Force the Captain’s Quarters

“A Captain does need to know his ship,” Katuna says from the stairs. 
Both actors, Force and Pawl, turn to see Katuna Baro holding the rail at the top step.  Unfortunately, they also see the wardrobe malfunction Katuna is unknowingly sporting.  From her mark, Katuna’s left hoot is not exposed to Force yet, but plays peek-a-boo with Pawl.
“I’ve taken the tour already,” Katuna says, ignoring Pawl as he flails, pointing to her exposed niplet in way of warning.  Katuna continues to ignore him, since he is off-camera, assuming he is just trying to sabotage her scene.  The actors enjoy doing that to one another—a challenge to see who can successfully finish their scene, despite distractions. 
However, Force notices Pawl’s frantic gestures and as Katuna steps forward to take Force’s arm, he catches a glimpse of the exposure .
“I could show you around, if you like,”  Katuna continues, dutifully ignoring Pawl as Force’s eyes bulge. 
“Thank you,” Force  replies as he tries to jockey her sideways in order to block any x-rated filming. Katuna, thinking Force is trying to steal her shot, shoves him and the strain in his tone is detectable as he finishes the line, “But this tour isn’t for pleasure.”
“At least let me show you where your quarters are, Captain,” Katuna purrs, elbowing her way back into the shot.  The whole dress has given up the ghost and is flapping like a saggy pirate flag over Katuna’s open treasure chest.  She thrusts back her shoulders, going full-Superbowl-Jackson.   “At least let me show you that.”
Pawl begins to guffaw as the camera man spots the problem.  The lens zooms in and Force finally puts out a hand, blocking the shot as Katuna finally looks down and gapes before pinching together the opening of her malfunctioning dress.

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