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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

STRONGER Teaser #4

I do these teasers for you guys and, especially, Amber Bradshaw.  Because if I don't, she's the one that will hunt me down and holler at me.  It's why I adore her.

Teaser #4

“I assume you mean the lady across the hall, with the glasses,” Aiden says.  He watches me move.  “I’ve met her and she’s already acquainted herself with my thigh.”  I feel him like static, prickling on my arms.  “Does your, uh…work…call you a lot on the weekend?”  
“What do you do?”
“Design.  Art and design,” I say.  “Home decor.”
“Interior or exterior?”
“Both.” His eyebrows hike a little.
“Both.” He dips his chin as he says it.  Then,  “Does it always make you move like that?” 
The first thing that flares to mind is to tell him to mind his own business, but the softness in his tone—the concern is so soothing and kind that it deflates my defenses.

“Sometimes,” I say.

Alright, my lovelies- it's truth time...let me know what you think in the comments~

Friday, April 4, 2014


Soul Deep by Rose Morgan Cover Reveal!!!
Who the heck is Rose Morgan anyway?
Rose is actually M.R. Polish! 
Writing as Rose Morgan has been an amazing journey, and one that I won't ever forget. The choice to write as Rose and write Christian Fiction has made me a better person and writer. While I (M.R. Polish) am not going anywhere and will continue to write paranormal and fantasy romance, I am excited to share with you a whole new adventure. On May 20th, 2014 I hope you will want to read Whitney's story in Soul Deep as she discovers forgiveness, love, and life, all after she dies. 
The story is so much more than skin deep, it is in fact Soul Deep.

Isn't it AMAZING?!!

Following her violent death, Whitney assumed she’d go to Heaven, since good people don’t go to Hell.  Or do they?  Trapped in Spirit Prison and forced to face the man who killed her, Whitney realizes just how far from Heaven she truly is. 

The Dark Ones, intent on having every soul share the darkness with them, gives Whitney an ultimatum that will determine the fate of her loved ones—both alive and dead.  Tempted on all sides and crippled with guilt, she must learn to have faith for a chance at having an eternity in Heaven, or she will forever be lost in an inescapable Hell.

Available May 20th!
Rose Morgan twitter: @_RoseMorgan

Rose Morgan is taking signups for the first FIFTY people to be ARC (Advanced Reader Copy) readers for Soul Deep!  (You must have an ereader.) Here is your chance to read it before it's even out! Sign up here ---> Click here to sign up for Soul Deep ARC reader and Good Luck!!!!!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Stronger Teaser #3

I'm a little late, but thank heavens for Amber Bradshaw.  She keeps me to schedule!  Hope you guys enjoy this taste~

Teaser #3

This one is wild and I name him George, even though his real name is Tony, or something like that.  He’s a tattoo artist, and the first time he drove me home and came up for a drink, he also pulled out his kit to prove it.  I thought he meant it as foreplay when he said he’d like to tattoo me at the bar, but then I agreed and he popped out his gun—his actual tattoo gun.
“What do you want?” he asked.  He didn’t bother putting on gloves. 
“How about coloring in the lotus on my arm?  You do color?”
“Yeah,” he said, “but don’t you want something orignial?”
“That will make it all original,” I said.  I got us drinks, but even when I'd emptied my glass and started on his, George was still all business on my arm.  I squinted down at his work.  “Oh wait…you’re making it pink?”
“Yeah.  You’re a girl, I thought you’d like it, baby.”
“I am pink,” I said with a smile around the glass I'd poured for him,  “but I like red.”

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Teaser #2 ~ STRONGER

Here I am, sliding in by my teeth on this Teaser Tuesday!  This one is just a tiny tease, so I included the newest promo pic along with it.  A new promo pic will be posted sometime tomorrow- so keep your eyes pealed!  Alright, so here's the newest taste...

Excerpt #2

I scout the room in a frenzy, overturning couch cushions and looking under the coffee table, before I trace the sound back to the kitchen sink.  I pick up the phone as it shatters a third ring inside the basin.
“You there, Lyddle?” a deep voice asks.  The name makes me quiver against my will.  It radiates out of my spine and it’s hard to tell, even for me, if I hate it or if it totally turns me on.  He started calling me Lydie first, and then he switched to calling me Lyddle.  It’s exactly how he’s always made me feel.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Want a Taste?

Since The Fly House was inspired by my attendance at UtopYA Con 2013, I'm running a contest for TWO FREE TICKETS** to UTOPYA Con 2014 in Nashville, TN!  UtopYA is an amazing opportunity for writers, readers and bloggers to connect, learn, and network.  You'll learn tricks of the trade, gather incredible swag, have a shot at daily prize drawings, a chance to network with your favorite authors, an opportunity to purchase your fave titles and have them signed and much, much more.
When I reach 75 honest Amazon reviews of Fly House, one lucky reviewer out of the 75 will win the tickets.  To enter, all you need to do is read and review on Amazon.  

Okay, now on to the teaser!  
STRONGER will be coming at you this spring, but I know some of you have been curious and asking for excerpts.  You know I can never say no to you guys.  Hope you like.

Excerpt #1

“The thing is,” I shout at Fizzy Punch, after he tells me that my hair is sticking to the counter of the bar, “I just don’t care.”
The music is pounding, and his mouth tastes like the booze he just sucked out of my belly button.  I kiss him again, even though there is a blond chick, a natural one, itching to take my reclined position on the top of the bar.  She’s trying to shove my drunk ass out of the way, but I scoot her off with one flick of my foot.  My bleach-blond dreds drape off the edge of the bar, but some are lightly Velcro’ed to the sticky counter, because people keep leaning on it.  Like now.  A creepy guy has his big ol’ hammy palm right on it as he suckles his beer and watches me kiss the guy that tastes like fizzy tropical punch.
“I’m Shane.  What’s your name?” Fizzy Punch Guy shouts, gazing down at me.  The creepy guy leans in to hear, pulling the hair that he has trapped under his bear-paw.  I roll my eyes up toward Creepy Guy.
“Can you get off my hair?” I ask him.  He frowns, but removes his beefy hand.  Fizzy Punch helps me sit up, and the moment I do, the other blond chick scrambles onto the counter.  Fizzy Punch lifts me off, and the blond throws herself down in my place, yanking her shirt up over her belly button.  Creepy Guy moves in for the navel dive. 
I turn back, so Fizzy Punch and I are eye-to-bloodshot-eye.
“What is your name?” he asks again.  I just smile at his lips.  He probably won’t remember my name if I tell him anyway.  It makes sense, since I can’t remember his name now either.  All I remember is that his lips are soft and wet and candy-coated with tropical fruit liquor.  What else matters?

**The winning tickets are for the three day conference only- travel, hotel, food and other expenses are not included.  This prize has no other cash value, aside from admittance for two to the most incredible conference on Earth.   The author claims no responsibility for events occurring on the way to, from, or during the conference attendance.  What you win are two awesome tickets of admission to an amazing conference, nothing more, nothing less.

Saturday, February 8, 2014



Two men are vying for a place in Lydia Strong’s life.  Desmond has solid ties from her distant past that she can't easily ditch.  Aiden is only concerned about being her future, even though he's got a past that might shock her tattoos off.  
What Des and Aiden want will have to wait. 
Party-girl Lydia has lost herself in endless shot glasses and dozens of one night stands.  She’s too busy plummeting toward the rock bottom of her life and clinging to the men around her hasn't stopped the free fall.  
While Des and Aiden compete to create her future, Lydia’s got to find herself first-before the wrong man walks out of her life forever.